Together, we can develop a strong evidence base.

CCDF believes that who you directly involve in the research has a lot to do with how well the findings are implemented into practice. CCDF’s research projects are conducted in partnership with front-line practitioners working with real clients and/or directly with people who are the subject of the research.  Our research protocols have been consistently guided by the following principles:

  • New interventions/programs/service delivery models must reflect front-line realities and practices or they will never be adopted into longer-term practice, regardless of results;
  • Full engagement and buy in of research partners is essential.  This includes front-line practitioners, their clients, their supervisors and management in career service settings.  In education settings, this includes students and those that have left school prior to graduation, teachers, guidance counsellors, principals, government officials, employers, and community members.  We are mindful in any research project to actively seek out and include under-represented voices;
  • Involvement in a research project is a professional and organizational development opportunity that benefits clients, professionals, educators and management and supervisors.


Working with those on the front-lines results in outcomes that are grounded in reality and informs practice moving forward.

Our research