Supporting Canadians to Navigate Learning and Work – CDP Competence

Supporting Canadians to Navigate Learning and Work – CDP Competence

November 3, 2020






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  • Supporting Canadians to Navigate Learning and Work – CDP Competence Project
  • Download the Competency Map (October 2020)
  • Overview of Career Development Competencies in Canada

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Supporting Canadians to Navigate Learning and Work – CDP Competence

The Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners (S&Gs) are being updated and we’re creating a new CDP Competency Standards! The project focuses on bringing coherence to the career development sector. It will build on national consultations, leading to the completion and publication of a bilingual 2020 Canadian CDP Competency Standards, along with the establishment of a national certification program. This will result in a high standard of quality assurance to the Canadian public, as the complexity of needs of Canadians for career programs, services, and supports continues to expand.

The document below titled “October 2020 – Competency Map” includes a high-level overview of the new competency standards for Canadian career development professionals. These standards are a library of competencies.  The new competency framework (2020) is an update and an expansion of the S&Gs (2000). The full framework will be available in the coming months upon translation into French.

The framework is intended to contain all of the competencies – what Career Development Professionals across Canada are expected to know and perform, to a standard set by industry. The competencies cover most types of work contexts and address the vast range of clients served by most CDPs.

Tools, resources and materials available from the project:

Navigate through the history of career competencies in Canada, from the Standards and Guidelines, and Nova Scotia Career Development Association’s Nova Scotia Profile, to the new National Competency Standards for Career Development Professionals.

Beginning with the original Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Professionals (S&Gs), these interactive slides visually show the high-level overview of the standards and guidelines, originally developed in the early 2000’s, and updated in 2012.

Next, the NS CDP’s Core Competency Profile (2013) builds on the S&Gs, with reorganization and expanded details, so that it reflects NS context.

Finally, the new National Competency Standards display a unique profile to Canadian career development professionals, featuring 16 of the foundational and essential competency series. Explore all three of these articulated competency standards and profiles to see how over time the field of career development has articulated and grown in their profession.

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