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The CCDF is a non-profit organization that works to advance career development and the capacity of the profession to respond with compassion and skill to all clients and stakeholders in an ever-changing work environment.

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  • The Gold Medal for Leadership in Career Development recipients Michel Turcotte (left) and Sareena Hopkins (right) with Shirley Conger (middle).
  • Roberta Neault, Donnalee Bell and Sareena Hopkins delivering the opening keynoting à la The View at NBCDAG's 2014 Conference
  • Training session with the Local Employment and Youth Employment Officers of the Kativik Regional Government
  • Donnalee Bell and Suzanne Klinga in Iqaluit to conduct a training needs assessment with the Department of Education.
  • Elaine O'Reilly and Céline Renald facilitate a workshop with Jordanian Employment Counselors.
  • What is Career Development? Career Development is the lifelong process of managing your living, learning and earning in order to move to where you want to be. Decisions you make each day - how you spend your time and what you identify as priorities - affect your career development. Ultimately, your career development is much more than the jobs you pursue - it is about how you want to live your life.

    Partnership Initiatives

    The CCDF builds strong partnerships with local, provincial/territorial, national & international groups to strengthen collective activities and advance the profession. The CCDF is proud to partner with: Canadian Research Working Group (CRWG), Standards & Guidelines(S&G's) and the Canadian Council of Career Development Associations (CCCD).

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    Career Developments

    Career Developments profiles the progress in the field of career development nationally and internationally, including updates on training, certification, evidence-
    based research, policy and practice. Career Developments is published quarterly by CCDF in collaboration with the Canadian Council of Career Development Associations (CCCD).

    Carreer Developments