We work with our clients to develop sustainable solutions to improve the working lives of Canadians. We help organizations build systems that support the career development of individuals across the lifespan.

What we do

Growing evidence proves the value of lifelong access to career development education and services.

Quality career education and career/employment services reduces barriers to education and employment, increases employee satisfaction, performance and retention and improves the socio-economic health of individuals, communities and jurisdictions.

Career development matters.

We are a social enterprise that proudly works to:

  • advocate for the career development profession and the clients that we serve;
  • prepare Canadians to skillfully navigate and manage transitions across education and work;
  • support employers in creating decent work and workplaces that maximize worker satisfaction and productivity;
  • assist governments in building quality career education and career/employment services.
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For organizations and governments

Our clients appreciate that our research, training, resource and policy development is rooted in rigorous evidence-based approaches, front-line wisdom and the lived experience of diverse populations.

Employment and Social Development Canada

With the support of Employment and Social Development Canada and the active involvement of stakeholders nation-wide, we are developing a renewed Competency Framework for Career Development Professionals and a harmonized approach to pan-Canadian professional certification.

Newfoundland and Labrador Workforce Innovation Centre and the College of the North Atlantic

We are proud to be working with the Newfoundland and Labrador Workforce Innovation Centre and local employment service partners to collect and analyze more meaningful data and to use it to support evidence-based policy and practice.

Royal Bank of Canada

RBC is reaching out to post-secondary graduates with its Launching Your Career - Community Workshop Strategy. We're helping to develop these workshops and training Career Launch Associates to deliver them.

Sandra Franke — Manager for Employment and Social Development Canada “CCDF is supported by an inspiring and deeply committed team that provides invaluable expertise and solid evidence-based advice to practitioners, researchers and policy makers in Canada and internationally. I am a fan of CCDF because it's a learning organization that actively contributes to collective thinking.”