Enhance service delivery and demonstrate its impact.

Developed in partnership with career development professionals, PRIME supports you to assess the strengths and needs of those you serve, and evaluate the impact of career services offered by your organization, region, or province.

PRIME collects and analyzes a much richer, wider range of client outcome and progress indicator data.  PRIME mirrors the process of service delivery, so it is seamlessly integrated into regular practice. PRIME coaches and supports quality service while also collecting and analyzing valuable data on client strengths and needs, progress, and the impact of services to inform clients, practitioners, managers and funders.

Built on the technical platform of ARMS, PRIME serves as a model for using evaluation as an underpinning to support quality service and stronger service outcomes.

What is PRIME?

PRIME helps to clear the path for the people we serve. It empowers people through a strength-based human-centered approach, identifying strengths and needs and capturing meaningful incremental changes along the person’s career journey.


PRIME is like a memory book full of career development ‘snapshots’ captured through conversations that are shared and validated together.

Through these snapshots of a person’s story, PRIME tracks incremental, meaningful changes along an individual’s journey. PRIME deepens relationships, informs your work with individuals and visually captures successes.

Through these snapshots of a person’s story, PRIME deepens relationships, informs your work with individuals and provides data that demonstrates the impact of your work.

The Research that built PRIME

There has perhaps never been a time when efficient, innovative, and impactful career/employment services are more needed. PRIME is rooted in over 10 years of research, conducted in partnership with frontline career service providers working across diverse settings. Most recently, the Evidence for Community Employment Services: A Collaborative Regional Approach research project brought together career professionals serving diverse clients across Newfoundland with researchers from the Canadian Career Development Foundation, Goss Gilroy and ARMS to rigorously test PRIME and analyze the data gathered through its use in service delivert. This project took a regional approach to addressing national and international challenges currently faced by the career/employment service delivery ecosystem and its funders. It resulted in a strong validation of the PRIME approach and its capacity to be used to demonstrate statistically and clinically significant positive impacts of career services across 36 meaningful outcome indicators related to readiness, skill, health and well-being, and capacity to success sustainably in learning and/or work.

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For Individuals

PRIME provides both the structure and the flexibility needed to engage in a meaningful, collaborative, person-centered and strength-based exploration of a person’s career development strengths and needs.  PRIME promotes reflection and motivation, increases self-awareness in individuals, and puts them in the driver’s seat of their career journey.

For Front-line Professionals

PRIME provides immediate feedback and opportunity to identify and build on strengths while uncovering hidden underlying needs. PRIME helps ensure we are on the same page as those we serve and provides meaningful data to inform our practice.

For Managers and Leaders

Built into a robust data reporting system, PRIME provides funders and leaders with data on the impact of service delivery, informs program development, and helps to identify gaps in service.

Workbooks to share and use for your service delivery: