Using the 100 Employer’s Activity – A mini-webinar from VOCO

Using the 100 Employer’s Activity – A mini-webinar from VOCO

January 18, 2019

How do you help clients who are looking for work find potential employers – especially in communities with fewer obvious options?

And once they identify them, how do they keep them all organized and keep track of their interactions with potential employers?

Take ten minutes to listen to CCDF’s Donnalee Bell talk with Treska, a Career Development Professional from New Brunswick and learn how Treska uses one of VOCO’s most popular networking activities, the 100 Employers Activity to connect with her clients and keep them moving forward in their work search.

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It’s a new and affordable way for Career Development Practitioners to access professional development leading to certification. Learning is self-paced and can be done anytime from anywhere.

VOCO began with the vision to provide accessible, affordable training that applies to the diverse needs of career development practitioners and their clients. In addition to providing leading edge, current content, VOCO provides a platform for Career Development Professionals to share best practices  and build a community of learning and practice in a digital space. VOCO’s Work Search course includes over fifty custom-made resources and from the expertise of diverse Career Development Professionals.

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