Reference Framework for Successful Student Transitions

Council of Ministers of Education Canada (CMEC)

Aware of the importance of improving student transitions, the Council of Ministers of Education Canada (CMEC) at its 105thmeeting (July 2016) tasked their officials with drafting a student transitions reference framework.  CCDF was contracted to develop it.  In July 2017, CMEC endorsed the Reference Framework for Successful Student Transitions. The Framework targets transitions from K-12 and from K-12/PSE to work.  At the heart of the document is the articulation of 11 Benchmarks for Good Practice in Student Transitions.  The Benchmarks were developed from international evidence-based research on the key elements and performance indicators that support strong student transitions.  CCDF also developed compendium tools to support the Framework’s implementation.  The Student Transition Benchmark Assessment Tool and the Student Transition Benchmark Action Plan Template guide the assessment of current transition polices and programming, help jurisdictions to identify strengths and gaps and support them in setting priorities for action to ensure continued student transition to success.