Canadian Career Development Foundation

Training Materials

Below are state-of-the-art training resources that CCDF has developed, been given or represents.* While these materials are made freely available; it is highly recommended that professionals seek training before offering these workshops/courses to groups. For all training inquiries, contact Sareena Hopkins.

Circuit Coach

A comprehensive and highly practical training program for front-line staff working on career issues with youth. Fully aligned to the Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners, this program has a wealth of information and interventions. More information here.

ACCESS Future in Focus Workshop Series

An adaptation of the Future in Focus series for youth and young adults outside of the educational system.

Career Gear: Supporting the Career Journey of Post-Secondary Students

Offers two 2-hour workshops to help PSE students to: see themselves in the future in a positive way; identify options in the labour market; develop the skills, attitudes and knowledge they need to reach their preferred future; and have a plan, with back-up strategies, to help them to take advantage of luck and move toward what is most important and meaningful to them.

Future in Focus: Building Career Resilience for Youth

Includes four 2-hour workshops focused on helping youth in senior secondary school to develop the skills, attitudes, strategies and supports they need to build career resilience (with a 5th workshop to engage parents).

Lasting Gifts Workshop Series: Helping Parents to Become Allies in Career Development

Offers four 2-hour workshops for parents/guardians seeking to support their teens in their career journey.

Living, Learning & Earning: Helping People to Succeed with Post-Secondary Education and Beyond

A series of three 2-3 hour workshops for practitioners who help young adults/adults seeking to return to school and/or work. Themes include: creating a vision for a preferred future, identifying dependable and transferable skills, building new skills for resilience, developing an action plan to meet learning/working goals and establishing and nurturing a strong circle of allies to sustain them through transitions and support their success.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

A 2-hour workshop for parents of children (kindergarten to grade 4) to introduce them to thinking expansively about the idea of career development for their children and to suggest age-appropriate and fun ways that they can engage in career-related learning activities with their children.

Survivability Training Materials

Workshops developed by Janis Foord Kirk in partnership with the Toronto YWCA, designed specifically to provide career practitioners, workshop leaders and coaches with a practical model for self-assessment and Survivability skill development. It focuses on ten areas of personal ability, positioning each one as a “skill” that can be learned: Technical literacy, Positive thinking, Self-Marketing/Promotion, Communication, Information gathering and management, Active learning, Creativity/Applied Resourcefulness, Consultative problem solving, Entrepreneurial initiative, Self management.

Your Child’s Career – A Family Affair

A 3-hour workshop for parents of children (grades 5-8). This session helps parents to understand the elements of career planning and career development which are important as children progress through intermediate school towards the transition to secondary school.

We thank the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation (*) for allowing us to offer their training resources on the site