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The following resources are available for purchase from CCDF. Order, print and fill out the Order Form and fax (613-729-3515) it to CCDF.

Job Finding Club – Facilitator Manual
HRDC, 1994

A comprehensive guide to setting up and facilitating Job Finding Clubs (JFC) which are designed to help those experiencing difficulty finding work through group support and group job-hunting techniques. This manual includes implementation strategies, lesson plans, checklists and suggested reading materials. $15.00

Making Career Sense of Labour Market Information, 2nd Edition – Elaine O’Reilly
Canadian Career Development Foundation, 2001

This popular labour market text explains in basic, introductory terms what labour market information is and how it can be applied to career/employment development. It includes updates on the Sector Councils, industry changes and forecasts, new community college and university programs, website references and dynamic strategies and skills for staying marketable in a changing labour market. $35.00

Your Career Finale: Making it Meaningful
Jacques Limoges, 2011

This resource is designed for anyone who is beginning the last part of their career.  It focuses on the challenges involved in moving from work and retirement and maintaining life-work balance while doing making this transition.  The purpose of the book is to help loop the loop, make the most of these final “at-work” moments, to right what might be wrong, to become aware of the coming transition and to pass on one’s professional legacy. $15.75

Downloadable Resouces
Career Decision-Making Workbook

If you are unsure what you want to do after school or throughout your career, this guide is for you.  Figuring out the next steps of your career journey may seem overwhelming. This guide will take you step-by-step to get clear about what you want and how to get there.

Job Search Workbook

If you’re ready to find a job, this guide is for you.  Through a step-by-step effective and proven job search process, this workbook will help you:

  • Find work that it a right fit for you and your skills,
  • Help you develop the tools you need to be ready for work search, including a good resume, references and a career pitch,
  • Support you in identifying potential jobs, use your networks, tailor your work search tools and present yourself well at job interviews, and
  • Provide tips on accepting a job offer, agreeing on terms of employment and accepting a position in a professional manner.
A Career Development Resource for Parents: Helping Parents Explore the Role of Coach and Ally

This guide helps parents explore the role of coach and ally as they help their adolescent children decide on their future careers. Building on research that shows parents are the most important influence on their children, the guide provides suggestions on career planning, how to talk to teens about career choices and how to find an ally who can help prepare young people for entry into the workforce.

Career Directions – Occupations: University not Required

A resource catalog profiling 186 occupations that require education or training other than university.

Working Connections: Papers and Proceedings, 2003
Represents the most comprehensive database ever available in Canada on career development services. It includes all pre-Symposium papers prepared by provincial/territorial and national organization teams who attended the first pan-Canadian Symposium on Career Development, Lifelong Learning and Workforce Development (November, 2003), as well as a summary of the content, results and recommendations from the Symposium itself.