Canadian Career Development Foundation

Projects Awaiting Partners

CCDF works in the areas of research, policy consultation, training, resource development and service capacity building. Current and past projects are highlighted on the site. We welcome discussions about potential projects and opportunities in all aspects of career development.

Current projects waiting partners include:

Legacy Circles
LC provides older workers with meaning at work, supports inter-generational knowledge transfer, provides mentorship and support for younger workers and provides employers with a strategic tool for succession planning and retention across the organization. LC was developed in Québec and has been successfully piloted in francophone-Canada and Europe. We are seeking partners to pilot the LC in English.
Competency-Based Training
CBT for career practitioners/employment counsellors is being delivered across New Brunswick, Nunavut, Newfoundland/Labrador – and plans are underway to launch training in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The training has been pre-approved as eligible toward IAEVG certification and has demonstrated significant positive impact on staff. This training can be readily tailored to other provinces/territories/countries.
Career Resilience
This construct is used colloquially, but do we really understand its theoretical underpinnings and what supports it in real life? CCDF undertook preliminary research to try to scratch the surface of career resilience and, based on its findings, developed a workshop series for youth as they prepare for their transition from secondary education. More research is needed in this important area.
A National Career Survey of Canadians
What are the real career development needs of workers…parents…the unemployed… the underemployed… youth…and retirees…? There has never been a survey asking us what we really need and want in support of our goals with respect to living, learning and earning. We are seeking partners to help us to gather this vital information.