Canadian Career Development Foundation

Partnership Initiatives

CCDF builds strong partnerships with local, provincial/territorial, national and international groups to strengthen collective activities and advance the practice of career development. CCDF is proud to be a part of initiatives such as:

CRWG was formed to increase pan-Canadian sharing of research and promising practices and strengthen the overall evidence-base for career development practice with an emphasis on informing policy. CCDF coordinates this group and actively partners with them on targeted research projects.

CCCD is a coalition of provincial/territorial career development associations, action groups, networks and organizations, working together to strengthen professional identity, collaborate on common issues and serve as a unified voice for our field. CCDF is a founding member of the Council and chairs the Steering Committee.

These standards articulate the knowledge, skills and attitudes required for the delivery of effective, ethical career development services. CCDF has been an active contributor to the S & Gs since their inception and continues in a voluntary capacity to maintain their relevance and currency and promote their application.

IAEVG offer professional affiliation to over 21,500 career practitioners globally. CCDF coordinates member/financial services on behalf of IAEVG and provides voluntary professional support to the organization.

ICCDPP is dedicated to improving the linkages between policy and practice by promoting evidence-based research and stronger collaboration and sharing across countries. CCDF is a founding Board Member of ICCDPP and continues to play an active role in supporting and promoting its important work.