A. Building Relationships/Developing Community Supports

A3. Working with Employers



You're likely reading this section because you're looking for a way to work with employers more effectively, to get their commitment, and to find ways to make it easier for youth to get their foot in the door. You are probably involved in helping youth get work experience placements and find work. Understanding employers and working with employers is therefore critical to the service you provide.

You'll be helped in working with employers more effectively through:

image\shortcut.gif 1. Knowing the Basics of Business - understanding employer context, language and motivations

image\shortcut.gif 2. Adding Value to Business - teaching youth four main ways to add value to their place of employment

image\shortcut.gif 3. Identifying Employers' Needs - accurately identifying employer’s needs to support a successful employer/client experience

image\shortcut.gif 4. Profiling Roles in the Employer's Organization - creating a role profile or job description for the employer

image\shortcut.gif 5. Developing Work in the Employer's Organization - finding work incentive programs, generating work on behalf of your client

image\shortcut.gif 6. Coaching Youth and their Supervisors on the Worksite - supporting the success of the client and employer with job maintenance strategies

image\shortcut.gif 7. Overcoming Employers' Negative Beliefs about Youth - making use of positive outcomes beliefs for helping employers anticipate success

image\shortcut.gif 8. Coaching Employers on Hiring Youth Who Face Barriers - developing diverse and inclusive workplaces

image\shortcut.gif 9. Keeping Track of Successful Youth - encouraging employers with success stories

This section will help you, the practitioner, to:

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